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We are a club of 150+ members located on beautiful Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Chartered in 1967, the Rotary Club of Hilton Head Island is the area's largest and oldest civic and service organization. The Club's members represent leaders in the business, professional, nonprofit, educational, governmental and retirement communities who share a common commitment to community service.
Thank you for visiting our website, we'd love to have you visit in person. Our meetings are held Thursdays at 12:30pm at the Sea Pines Country Club.

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Hilton Head Island Rotary Projetcs

Club Projects: Impressive History Of Community Service
Contributions to the community total more than $1.7 million.

Four-Way Test” Business Of The Year Award

The Rotary Club of Hilton Head Island: “Four-Way Test” Business Of The Year Award

This year you are invited to nominate a fellow Rotarian Club member of your choice for this business award based on your experience as a customer, supplier, employee or in any other capacity which enabled you to observe his or her performance in a manner that exemplifies the principles of the Four-Way Test. Only for-profit businesses will be eligible.

The winner will be announced during our regular meeting at The  Sea Pines Country Club, October 2nd.

September 4, 2014 deadline!

The winner is announced October 2, 2014

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Gift of Life

2014 Gift of Life!

August 15, 2015

Gift of Life Program Brings New Life to 17th Patient: Oscar Lopez-Fuentes, a 13-year old boy from Mexico.  suffered very serious burns in a house fire that took the life of his father.  No resources were available to pay for the treatment required to reconstruct his face and arms.  Burn scars (60% of his body) prevent him from extending his right arm and moving his neck; facial scars affect his breathing.   Rotary’s Gift of Life program gives Oscar new hope for returning to his home with improved function and appearance and with increased confidence in his future.

Since coming to the U.S. in June, Oscar has had multiple surgeries and is already seeing major improvements.  Dr. Aaron Mason and Dr. David Reid, plastic surgeons, are doing the reconstructive surgery at Hilton Head Hospital.  Oscar is expected to undergo additional surgeries, returning home some time in October.

Initiated by Dr. Robert Laughlin and Brian Carmines of the Rotary Club of Hilton Head Island in 1996, the Gift of Life Program now enjoys the support of all five Rotary Clubs in the Hilton Head/ Bluffton area.  The program brings international children and young adults to Hilton Head for plastic and reconstructive surgery.  The goal is to enable these patients to live a full and productive life, while helping to foster World Peace and understanding of other cultures. 

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2014 Hilton Head Rotary Student and Scholarship Recognition

OUR FUTURE = OUR STUDENTS:     Franklin Roosevelt said, "We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."

Each year, we recognize our outstanding youth! If our future depends on the our youth then we are in great hands.   Read more ...


Rotary Teamwork Enables New Approach to Eradicating Polio   April, 2014   

Credit for launching a new approach to encouraging polio vaccinations in Pakistan can be traced half way around the world to the Rotary Club of Hilton Head Island, S.C   The club, at the suggestion of member Brian Julius, CEO of Speaking Books, Inc., had funded a book to address the issue of mental illness and suicide in Julius’s native South Africa.  Upon presentation of that project’s success, PDG club member Bernie Riedel posed the simple question: “Why wouldn’t this work for educating people about the importance of polio vaccinations in Pakistan and Nigeria, the two remaining targets for worldwide polio eradication?” 

The power of the Rotary International network was put into motion!  In October 2013, 5000 colorful and message-driven speaking books, recorded in Urdu and Pashto, were delivered to Pakistan with the expectation of reaching more than 100,000 residents who do not have reading skills.  And discussions continue with Nigerian officials for a similar intervention.      Read More ... 

Speaking Books used to Eradicating Polio
Rotary in Motion

2013-14 Major Project Initiative

The major project selected for the 2013-14 Rotary year is to build a home for a deserving family in The Glen with Habitat For Humanity

Our Rotary in Motion campaign, which occurred in July and August, 2013 was very successful and raised in excess of $63,000.  The objectives of that campaign were to:
· offer members an opportunity to make a “one-time” donation for the year to cover numerous events and fund raising activities throughout the year in return for listed benefits, and
· “kick-start” our major fund raising campaign  for our Habitat for Humanity home.

If you participated in Rotary in Motion, some portion of your donation will go toward our Habitat commitment as well as to our other Rotary Charities.  If you did not participate, then you should consider making a donation for this Rotary year specifically toward our Habitat project.  You may make a tax deductible donation in any amount by making your check out to the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry—Rotary Charitable Programs Fund, and specify Habitat project on the memo line.  You may also make a donation of $1000 or more through the Champions Fore Charity program of the Heritage Classic Foundation, which will be increased by 20% with their match.  We still need funds to reach our Habitat goal, so we hope you’ll choose to participate in some way.        Learn more

Upcoming Events!

International Literacy Day    We will be commemorating International Literacy Day on Sept. 8th by reading to rapt listeners at The Children’s Center.  Meet at The Center at 10am; bring one of your favorite children’s books or pick one at the Center; read to a child or small group for about 15 minutes.  That’s all there is to it.  Make a child smile; show the delights of reading; make a difference in just 15 minutes. Joan Grayson will sign you up. 
September 8, 2014
Fellowship Picnic
September 13, 2014
Rotary Team Pedaling for Kids
September 27, 2014
Member Business Expo:   Our bi-annual Member Business Expo will happen at our regular meeting on October 2. This is a chance for you to showcase your “day job” and make fellow Rotarians aware of where they can fill business needs while supporting other Rotarians.  It is free to all members who own, manage, or work for a for-profit business.  You’ll be provided a 6’ table to display products, brochures, pictures, handouts.  You may also do a prize drawing at the conclusion of the meeting if you wish.  See Dave Williams to sign up before Sept. 15. 
October 2, 2014
Start Building Habitat House
Hall of Fame Presentation and Concert:   Our Club’s major fund raising event of the year is October 16th at the Sonesta Resort.  Tickets will be available next week.   You’ll listen and dance to the music of The Fabulous Classics, playing your favorites from the 50 – 90’s.  They are known all over the East Coast for their energetic, versatile, and entertaining shows.  We’ll also be inducting the newest member of the Hilton Head Hall of Fame.  Remember, this year all members will be required to purchase two tickets, which you may use yourself, sell, or give away.  If you are participating in Rotary in Motion, a number of tickets are included as a benefit of your donation.  We’ll also be seated at tables, so you can get a group of 10 together and reserve a whole table.  We’ve already started getting inquiries from outside of the Club, so we know we can make this a grand event for the Club and the community. 
October 16, 2014
Masquerade Party Fellowship
October 25, 2014
Happy Feet Distribution
November, 2014
Bell Ringing Starts
November 29, 2014
Safety Town:  A free public service program, for the 4-6 year old children of the community.
  • This free program helps our children learn about safety while providing fun-filled learning experiences.
  • The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Deputies, Hilton Head Island Fire and Rescue, Hilton Head Island Regional Health Center and The Sandbox will be providing hands on safety experiences for your child. The program is designed with the goal of preventing injuries and teaching children how to be safe.
  • The children will love driving the pedal cars around our outdoor “town” complete with miniature buildings. The hazard house is a great way to teach home safety. The hospital will be teaching first aid skills to the children.
    Registration is limited to the first 150 children registered. Please register quickly to be certain your child will have this great opportunity!
    You will be notified in mid-August of the session (AM or PM) your child is assigned.
May 2015

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